I'm Lindsey and I am a 30 (something) year old mother of two, Hudson 8 and Penelope 5 

(The precious faces you see on my homepage)

and wife to my better half, Andy.

Here's where my journey all began...

I was a new mother severely suffering from postpartum depression.

I felt lost and extremely guilty for feeling so down and depressed when God had just blessed me with a perfect baby boy.

Then one day my doctor asked me a very important question..what makes me happy?

I told her "seeing and making others happy." I always had a passion for photography so that's when I married my two passions, photography and happiness.

I started capturing people's happiest, most memorable, precious moments. I was able to freeze those happy moments for people to treasure forever, My heart was full and OohSnap Photography was born.

Through lots of Jesus, prayer, my amazing husband, family, and my heartfelt passion of photography, I kicked postpartum to the curb!

The moral of my story is...BE BOLD, BE BRAVE! Take the leap of faith and do what makes YOU Happy! With God all things are possible.


---Many Blessings---